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When you are in a car accident things happen around you very quickly. It is important that you follow these steps immediately proceeding and in the days after your accident.

Remain at the Scene

First and foremost, it is imperative that you stay at the scene and try to keep it as intact as possible. As the scene changes it  becomes harder to show evidence of what happened during the accident. If you notice any individuals involved trying to disrupt the scene, take note and pictures of it. 

Assess your own and others injuries

When you are involved in an accident, your body releases adrenaline. Adrenaline helps make your body react more quickly. It increases your heart rate which increases the blood flow to your brain and muscles and stimulates the body to create more fuel for immediate use. In addition, adrenaline can cause you to feel less pain. 

As your body comes down from an adrenaline rush, you may begin to feel the aches and pains that occurred during an accident. Do not ignore these as they can be worse then they initially appear. 

If you have apparent and extensive injuries seek medical attention immediately.

Contact the police

If the accident does NOT involve any injury the drivers should remove the cars from the roadway at this time and can contact the police. Even with minor accidents, it is recommended that you contact the police. Many insurance companies will require a police report for extensive damages and for damages that involve other vehicles.

When the officer arrives, be sure to give them an accurate idea of what occured. If you are unsure of certain events, tell the officer that you are unsure. Do not make up or misstate facts that you are unsure of. If you are unsure if you are hurt then tell the officer that you are unsure. 

Fact Gathering at the Scene

If you have a video camera in your car, be sure to save the recording of the events. In addition use your phone or a camera to take pictures of all angles of the accident. These pictures can tell a lot about an accident, so be thorough. If you have any visible injuries, take pictures of those as well. 

If an officer does not report to the scene, we recommend making a voice memo or typing out everything that happened at the scene. The further you are removed from the accident, the more difficult it will be to remember all the details. These details are everything when making a claim. 

Additionally, you should collect the information of everyone involved in the accident. We recommend you get the name, address, and phone number of all drivers and passengers. You should also take a picture of the insurance cards of each vehicle involved. If you can get info from any witnesses, they can help corroborate your story. 

Further Treatment for Your Injuries

We always recommend seeking medical attention after an accident. This will ensure that you have no injuries internally that may not be immediately apparent. Some aches and pains won’t appear until a day or two after an accident. Unless you are absolutely certain that you have sustained no injuries it is advisable to be seen by a medical professional.

If you have any spinal, neck, or head injuries we recommend seeing a medical professional immediately following the accident, preferably at the scene. 

File a Report with Your Insurance

Filing a report/claim with your insurance as soon as possible is often a requirement by your insurance company. Even if the accident was not your fault, your insurance company will need to know about it. Some companies offer special medical compensation to individuals injured in an accident, this is called medpay. If you have this, it may be required that you file a claim before receiving care. 

Initial Consultation with an Arkansas Car Accident Attorney

In accidents where you were injured we recommend reaching out to an Arkansas Car Insurance Attorney to review your case. Oftentimes an injury can cause more than just immediate change to your life. This change can cause a loss in wages from your job, frequent medical visits, and chronic pain among other things. 

Many insurance companies will try to settle with you for a small payment and have you sign immediately. We advise all individuals to avoid speaking with any insurance companies, other than your own, until you have talked with your attorney. Never take any payment or sign any documents until your attorney has looked over everything. 

At Wren Law Firm we are experts at getting you the compensation you deserve. An injury can cause loss in many aspects of your life, some you may not even consider. Insurance companies do not have your back and will try to give you the smallest amount of compensation possible. It is our job to get you what you deserve. Call us today!

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