9 Tips for When You Have Been Injured in an Accident; Even If you Have Never Been in One

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If you have been injured in a car accident there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries and lost income. Below are 9 tips to be sure to follow when you have been injured in a car accident.

Call Law Enforcement Immediately Following the Accident

Be sure to call law enforcement after your accident. Officers will do an initial investigation into the accident, interview the involved parties, interview witnesses, and make a determination of fault. Who was at fault is one of the most important pieces of information for the events that follow. 

If you do not call law enforcement then it can turn into a blame game later on in a claim. Even if the other driver admits fault at the scene, their story may change later. Law enforcement officers are an uninvolved third party that are trained to get all the details and determine fault. A police report detailing the accident can be vital later on.

Get Contact Info from Witnesses

Oftentimes witnesses do not remain at the scene long enough for law enforcement to arrive. Therefore, if you are not injured, you should get contact info for any witnesses to the accident as quickly as possible. Not only can these witnesses corroborate your account of what occurred, their details can be added to the police report for further questions at a later time. This is especially important if that witness can testify at trial for you at some point. Most people would be more than happy to give you their information so be sure to ask!

Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

We always recommend seeking medical treatment after a car accident. The longer you wait to see a doctor the more insurance companies will fight that you were not really injured from the accident. To receive any sort of compensation for injuries, insurance companies will require a doctor’s report. Ultimately, the faster you seek medical treatment the better your case will be when presenting to a judge.

Describe your Injuries in Detail

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. It is important that you describe any injuries you may have in the best details possible. A physician can perform a full physical and find injuries you may not have realized you had but even they cannot see every injury without further tests. Some injuries may be internal and without knowledge of any aches and pains the doctor may not know the tests to order. 

When you see your doctor, let them know of any aches, pains, nicks, and bruises you have. This will ensure the doctor can properly treat you. 

Follow Through with All Medical Treatments

It is not enough to just be aware of and have documentation of your injuries. You must be diligent in your treatment to make sure that you recover properly from any injuries you have. Furthermore, when a victim of an accident does not follow through with their treatment, insurance companies will often argue that the injury was less severe than may be documented. They can also argue that you did not mitigate any additional injuries and can refuse payment for any of those injuries. 

Document Your Injuries, Medical Treatments, and Expenses

Details of the accident, injuries, and everything else in between will become harder to remember over time. Things like how many days of work you had to miss,  where injuries were, and other smaller details can be very important during your settlement and trial. Additionally, you attorney will be required to present the insurance company with all expenses. Any expenses that do no get submitted will not be able to be recovered. Keep track of all expenses and and if you have questions about any, keep them until you are able to discuss with your lawyer.

Avoid Making a Statement to Any Insurance Company

This includes your own! Insurance companies’ sole goal is to settle with you outside of a trial. If you make a statement without the guidance of an attorney then you can miss many important details that will ensure maximum compensation. If the other driver did not that their own insurance then your compensation will come from your own insurance company. Even if you feel you can trust your own agent, we recommend discussing with your attorney before making a statement to anyone.

Consult an Experienced Attorney

If you were injured in a car accident you should obtain an attorney that is experienced in personal injury cases. Unlike the insurance companies, your attorney will have your best interest in mind and will work to get you maximum compensation. There are many aspects to a personal injury claim and an experienced attorney will make sure that you cover all of your bases. Don’t miss out on any compensation that you deserve! Call Wren Law Firm today if you need help with your case.

Be Patient

Personal Injury claims can take a long time. If you haven’t completely healed from your injuries you may not receive full compensation. Big cases can take anywhere from months to years. Be sure to consult your attorney as quickly as possible to be able to start the process and help keep your documentation up to date.

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