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Social Security disability insurance is one of the most important social infrastructures provided by the United States for those who are unable to work. This financial protection against lost income is provided by the U.S. Social Security Administration, it is called Social Security disability insurance program (SSDI), and it comes at no cost to those who apply, though receiving approval can be difficult.

Qualifying for SSDI is the Biggest Obstacle

As of 2019, the Social Security Administration denied approximately 64% of claims, making qualifying for these essential benefits the largest hurdle applicants will face. This high number has to do with meeting the eligibility standards of being completely disabled and that one made every reasonable effort to recover from their condition if possible. The amount of required documented medical histories, treatments, and doctors’ opinions can be staggering and hard to generate in a timely way. Those pursuing an SSDI claim should consult with an experienced disability claims attorney to learn more about the process and get help meeting the requirements of the application process.

There are five questions that the Social Security Administration uses when deciding on a claimant’s eligibility to receive SSDI benefits.

  • Are you still earning income?
  • Does your condition interfere with your ability to work?
  • Does your condition qualify as a disability?
  • Are able to do your job?
  • Is there other work you could perform instead?

Factors like your age and even just submitting an initial application can have a significant bearing on your claim receiving needed approval. Many times, first-time applications will not receive approval because the Social Security Administration tries to discourage those who are not totally disabled from pursuing benefits. When claimants file an appeal to adverse decisions on their case, they can request a hearing in front of a disability judge who will review the claim and documentation before making a decision.

Is SSDI Worth It?

With this level of required disability, many wonder if the payout is worth the effort and cost of qualifying for this benefit. Normally, if one has private disability insurance benefits, they may find it is not only easier to qualify, but the total compensation is greater. But this scenario isn’t possible for everyone, and for those who must rely on the federal SSDI benefits program, they can expect an average monthly payout of $1258 in 2020. This amount could be significantly lower or higher, depending on the income you were previously earning before your disability.

Another factor to consider is that there are some situations where your SSDI benefits are taxed. Yet, the program allows you to maintain eligibility while earning an income that stays below federally set earnings guidelines. The fact that social security disability will only cover roughly 60% of your former earnings, it may be better to decide on using private long-term disability insurance instead. On the other hand, SSDI doesn’t require monthly premiums but can take years to get approval--especially if you are pursuing a claim without an experienced SSDI attorney like those at The Wren Law Firm representing your case.

What makes this program, and the potential years of fighting for it, worthwhile, really depends upon your current situation and if you have the time and legal support to get approved.

Contact a Skilled SSDI Attorney for Your Disability Claim

If you are considering applying for Social Security in Arkansas, be sure to give Wren Law Firm a call. We can help review your case and provide you with representation that comes with 20+ years of experience. For a full explanation of the process of applying for Social Security Disability, read our definitive guide.

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